TMS profoundly impacts all who participate in its programs. See what program alumni and audience members from past performances have to say.

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About TMS

Telling My Story is a non-profit organization that breaks down walls between socially isolated individuals and their communities using theater as a medium for social reflection and relationship building. Our programs develop self-awareness and communication skills with populations behind visible and invisible social walls — such as those created by incarceration, addiction, and poverty. Through writing and performing, people behind walls are empowered to reclaim their own voices and strengths.

At the same time, Telling My Story collaborates with people “on the outside” to break down stereotypes and build understanding between groups that would not otherwise interact. By working and creating together, program participants from both “inside” and “outside” can understand what they have in common and discover opportunities to shift deep patterns of social exclusion.

The resulting performance opens a space for public discussion about the root causes of seemingly intractable social issues and the impacts on individuals, families, and the larger community.

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Hits From The Blog

TMS Programs and TMS Documentary receive grant from New Hampshire Bar Foundation

TMS is thrilled to announce that this past December, Telling My Story, Inc. and Telling My Story: A Documentary received funding from the New Hampshire Bar Foundation, beneficiary of the Charles W. Dean Trust Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Telling My Story, Inc.  received a grant from the NH Bar Foundation to fund [...]

Chilean collaboration expands to include Dartmouth College student

In the winter of 2012, Dartmouth College student Nell Pierce ’13 accompanied TMS Executive Director Pati Hernández to Talca, Chile to co-facilitate and implement a self-portraiture workshop of her own design. Nell was kind enough to reflect and share her thoughts on her experience with TMS. In this particular project we expanded the collaboration to include [...]