Who We Are



Pati Hernández is a mother, activist, dancer, puppeteer, and Dartmouth College adjunct professor. Originally from Chile, she immigrated to North America in 1983. Her professional focus is the exploration of political and social problems through the arts. She is the creator and facilitator of Telling My Story, a program she developed in correctional facilities and rehab centers in Vermont in 1999 and implemented at Dartmouth College in 2005.



Ali Oberg was a collaborator in Pati’s “Telling Stories for Social Change” class and considers it the most important opportunity, academic and otherwise, she had as an undergraduate at Dartmouth College. She joined the board in the Fall of 2013 and is working to improve fundraising capacity, build the alumni community, and strengthen and build relationships with other organizations within the Dartmouth community. Ali currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and works for The Future Project, where she and a team of fantastic people are working with students, teachers, and administrators to make America’s public high schools places where young people find and act on their passions. 

Caroll Spelke is a social organizer who has worked in the field of drug and alcohol treatment and recovery for 14 years. Her work with Telling My Story began after being introduced to an alumnus from the program that took place at Valley Vista Treatment Center in 2009. Caroll assists with programming and organizational needs as the Telling My Story Program Coordinator. Please let her know if you have any interest in volunteering or collaborating with Telling My Story.

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Glennis Gold is a founding board member of Telling My Story.  In Oregon she practiced health and disability rights law on behalf of people with low-incomes.  Since moving to Vermont in 1999, she has taught dance and theater to children, worked as an assistant director of a theater company for adults with development disabilities and served on the board of a Child Care Center.  Currently, in addition to dancing and enjoying the great outdoors, Glennis is working at the Dartmouth College Technology Transfer Office to ensure inventions owned by Dartmouth are commercialized and transferred to the public.

Phyllis Katz is on the M.A.L.S faculty at Dartmouth College as a former professor Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 5.01.37 PMand a thesis advisor and has published two books of poetry. She discovered Telling My Story in 2004 while teaching a Women’s and Gender Studies course at Dartmouth.  Four of her students participated in the program and wrote final papers about it.  Prof. Katz has been as staunch supporter of Telling my Story ever since.


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Sutton Higgins is a Dartmouth College graduate. She began her involvement with Telling My Story in Spring 2012 when she took the “Telling Stories for Social Change” class co-taught by Pati Hernández and Francine A’Ness. Her transformative experience with the program inspired her to join the TMS board in Summer 2012. Sutton manages TMS social media communications and is also working to develop organizational infrastructure and expand the scope of TMS fundraising. Sutton is currently attending medical school, where she hopes to introduce her fellow students to the TMS methodology and incorporate the collaboration skills she gained from TMS into patient care.



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